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  • The world is a mess, trust is out the window, spending is low, money is scarce, markets are driven by low budget sales, and people and business alike are holding their breath about the future. Could it be any worse?

    Actually, it couldn’t be better! This is the very best time for a brand to make the transition from being “just a brand” to becoming a real Triple-A brand, and to start a completely new era of brand marketing.

  • A Triple-A brand is a balanced brand, combining the values of three elements that reflect today’s global trends towards brands: authenticity, accountability and activation.

    Authenticity, accountability and activation are essential elements in forming the main drivers of brands that must deal with a rising demand for transparent, sincere and trusting brand behaviour.

  • Authenticity:
    are you for real?

    Brands will have to be themselves, straightforward and transparent. This means more identity driven brand building (inside-out) and less advertising/image driven brand building (outside-in).

    true commitment pays off

    Brands must remain accountable towards internal and external stakeholders. So more thinking before acting and less we just do things because we've always done it this way.

  • Activation:
    don't wait for apples, shake the tree!

    Brands will have to be and act more sales-driven (sales drives brand) under the pressure of the financial situation of the brand owner.

    AAA (Triple-A) has always been an indication of value, from real estate locations, to school grades, to financial products, and so on. Following the same logic a Triple-A brand is a brand that ensures value for all its stakeholders.

  • In this book we give our vision on three fundamental brand marketing trends:


  • Erik Saelens and Nicoline Spruijt, authors of the award-winning book IN TRIPLE-A WE TRUST, are frequent speakers about what you need to do to turn your brand into a Triple-A brand. And to be ready for the challenges your brand will face in 2013 and the years to come. Want to invite them to your event?
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