Drive your brand (literally)

Do you drive? Probably. Do you drive to work? Although ecologists might not like it, driving your car to work is a good opportunity for your employer. Company cars, aside from the tax benefits, are also opportunities for branding. There are many possible brand vehicles to choose from, but to brand an actual vehicle is an art in itself.

In this article we’ll take you through the ABC’s of company car branding. Ready? Set. Go!

Mobile branding magic

Some employers see their fleet as a vital part of their brand strategy. They choose to assemble a strategically relevant car park, picking car brands and models that fit the brand identity.

An insurance salesman or a vendor of alarm systems might choose Volvo to create an image of quality, reliability and safety. A lady’s magazine might go for a Volkswagen Beetle, a “smart tech” brand could perhaps prefer a Smart car.

Employee on board

Logos and other branded stickers are the professional equivalent of “baby on board”. Once you’re in the car, you are an “employee on board”. Others will perceive the car brand to be ‘related’ the company brand and maybe they would like to join that family – by buying your product or even submitting an application. Choosing the right colour will also affect your brand. Deloitte, an employer that needs to attract a lot of junior potentials, does it well with young, on-trend aquamarine blue Minis with matching green mirrors.


Car branding facts

According to HR experts ‘Vacature’, more than 512 thousand Belgians were behind the wheel of a company car in 2007. This number has been going up by 20 thousand each year. 45 % of all registered Belgian cars are company cars. In the UK, it’s even a bit more: 48 %. France is lagging behind with 15 %. The most popular company car brand used to be the Volkswagen Beetle in the sixties, only to be surpassed by their Golf brothers in the seventies. Volkswagen has remained at the top since. They are currently joined by BMW, Audi, Vauxhall (Opel), Renault and Peugeot. Japanese and Italian car brands can’t seem to get a hold on the company car market.

What’s in store for the future? Going green is becoming increasingly important, prompting some leasing companies to offer eco-friendly alternatives like Velobility.


Car branding fiction

A strong identity is essential for any brand. That’s what we believe in. We are our pay-off: ‘identity-driven brand building’. When we start working for a brand, we start from its brand identity. And when we created our own car park, we created a unique company car design for the Fiat 500 series: stand-out, practical and fun to work with. Just like us.